How you are being robbed

Ladies and gentlemen, I am about to go on an intellectual rant about why I don’t care about the two-party electoral riff-raff going on right now.

The government is literally robbing you, robbing you blind, robbing every single American regardless of how poor or rich you are, and most Americans are not aware of this extreme tax burden for which you will need  a w2 form creator tool and the plot to destroy your wealth because we do not understand exactly how much it is really affecting you NOW but even more so when you have ended your 40-year working career and decide to retire. Most people can’t retire when they are ready to, this is a fact. But why? And is it getting worse, or better? Remember you are going to retire one day HOPEFULLY but even right now you are being robbed. And robbed is putting it LIGHTLY.

We are taught inflation is normal and central banking with its quantitative easing, regulation of rates against the market’s will, and other methods of printing money out of thin air is necessary. It was not always so.

Remember when homes were typically a one-income household because that’s all you needed to survive? Now a married couple has a hard time staying afloat on two incomes.

Remember when home ownership and paying off that mortgage was a piece of American dream anyone could achieve? Home ownership is now at a 65-year low and getting worse.

Remember when people retired with dignity with no government assistance? How was that possible?

But the system we have in place GUARANTEES your money you sock away in savings will lose ALL of it’s value by the time you retire. Does that even make any sense? Read that again, your money WILL LOSE ALL of it’s value and then some by the time you retire. Let me prove it to you.

Let me give you an example by first demonstrating what it was like to save money when our country was founded in 1774. If you began work and began saving

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