16 Important Points About The Founding Of Today’s Republican Party

Was it originally the party of Abraham Lincoln or the party of Horace Greeley?

Did the Republican Party contribute to the build-up of the War Between The States (also known as the Civil War)?

  1. In 1852 Horace Greeley, after meeting Alvan Bovay in New York City to discuss the formation of a new party, made the suggestion that it be called the Republican Party – and later in 1854 his idea was implemented
  2. Organization meetings by Bovay were held in Ripon, Wisconsin in February and March of 1854 — and on March 20th, 1854 the Republican Party was officially established.
  3. Almost exactly 100 years later shortly after the assassination of President Kennedy, The Ripon Society was formed in 1962 to fight Constitutionalists within the Republican Party and to bring it back to its socialist roots (not many Americans realized at the time that the word Ripon referred to the birthplace of the Republican Party)
  4. Bovay was once an editor with the magazine Young America (a communist magazine)
  5. Many that lived in the city of Ripon came from the failed communist commune Ceresco
  6. The communist commune of Ceresco was originally proposed by Warren Chase in letters to Horace Greeley
  7. Chase later was instrumental in two Wisconsin Constitutional Conventions where a Constitution was created and then later admired by communists as it was printed in the Northern Star newspaper (communist newspaper for British Chartists)
  8. As President, Lincoln appointed Charles Dana to undersecretary of war
  9. Dana was an Editor for Horace Greeley and both of them hired Karl Marx to write for the New York Tribune – Marx wrote over 500 articles for the Tribune over a 11 year period
  10. Greeley and Dana’s Tribune was the largest circulating in the country with its weekly edition which helped the Republican Party spread, first as Republican Clubs
  11. Many of these Republican Clubs organized paramilitary organizations known as the Wide Awake Republicans which had some of the traits of communist Turner groups of Germans (in fact, many former Turner members joined the Wide Awake Republicans)
  12. The New York Herald estimated that there were 400,000 WAR (Wide Awake Republican) groups by 1860 and their desire was to invade the South and to then create an America with only Republicans (this is why the South formed minutemen militias as they feared the invasion of WAR groups)
  13. In 1856, the first presidential candidate the Republican Party put forward was John Charles Fremont, an advocate for Young America and later a Major General for Lincoln during the war (Lincoln came in second for Vice President at the 1856 Convention)
  14. Alphonso Taft, the co-founder of Skull of Bones was a delegate at the Republican Convention of 1856
  15. Lincoln was elected as the Republican Party presidential candidate in 1860
  16. One of Lincoln’s secretaries, John Hay, referred to radical leaders in the Republican Congress as the Jacobin Club (a club that descends from the Bavarian Illuminati)


(Excerpt taken from “To the Victor Go the Myths & Monuments” by Arthur R. Thompson)

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