This is Why We Choose to be Hosted on DreamHost Servers!

From the latest DreamHost newsletter:

What’s that feature? It’s Freedom of Speech!

“I’ve got a great idea for a website, but the content is a little… sketchy…are you guys ok with hosting it?”

We hear that a lot. SO much. But our answer is always the same:

There is no larger supporter of the United States’ Constitution and its First Amendment than DreamHost. As long as your content is legal in the state of California (our headquarters!) we’d be happy to host you!

That goes for all content – from freaky fetishes to harmless cat photos, from hate speech that makes your skin crawl to beautiful and inspiring words of peace, we’re really just a digital bucket for humanity.

As a content-neutral service provider, we get to witness the democratizing power of the internet first-hand on a daily basis!

It’s never boring, that’s for sure.

We love DreamHost, so should you! Sign up here for $25 off!

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