Fear Mongering Amongst Brexit Elites

​I’m amused at the rhetoric from the anti-Brexit camp. I am only seeing words like “Racists!” and “idiots!” spewing from their writing; meanwhile, those in favor made a very well thought argument indeed that had none of those qualities. Oh, and the often repeated but never actually supported rhetoric about the impending doom of financial insecurity. Amused, but not surprised as the same fear-mongering is happening in this country (not one party is less guilty than another here BTW). 

Any time the people stand up to unchecked power — and in this case unelected and therefore anti-liberal and anti-freedom — it is a cause to celebrate. The forefathers of the US would be proud. 

What happened in Britain was a huge blow to the international bankers who wish to control our lives to enrich themselves at any cost; typically, that cost is the direct loss of individual freedoms as it was in Britain. Samuel Adams would have had a tea party in London long ago, and today the British had theirs. The fear-mongering will continue as the international bankers whine until they get their way.

But for many in Britain, they are tired of hearing the rich whine while their pockets are being emptied by the same. Dum spiro spero

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